Health and Wellness

"Health and Wellness is a lifestyle change when the mind, body, and spirit comes together as one revolving in evolutionary change."  - Tatonya

After having my yearly mammogram a few years ago, the doctor found a small mass on my breast.  I was asked to come back for a follow-up to receive a biopsy. As you can imagine, this was a surreal moment.   After receiving the negative results, I made an immediate decision to put more emphasis on my health and wellness so I could thrive in all areas of my life - spiritually, relational, physically, and financially!
I am mastering the concept that self-care is necessary in order for me to be an example to my family and friends. I made a decision to invest in my personal well-being and my families to ensure we used the absolute best products on the market to ensure a healthier lifestyle.  As a wellness strategist, my mission is to educate and share with as many people the importance of having the best products so you can feel and look amazing!
I offer personal consultations with a customized approach to meet your unique needs in order to meet your personal wellness goals. I want you to achieve breakthroughs in all areas in your life in order to propel to the next level. I am passionate about helping people live to their highest potential and offering solutions that truly make a difference. I would love to serve you if you choose to work with me. Living a healthier lifestyle can bring remarkable satisfaction to your life. 
I am waiting for your YES!
Yoga Class
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Yoga Class