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Release the Debt

Tatonya is excited to announce a partnership with this powerful anthology of eight amazing women with this riveting anthology of women who, through undying determination and unwavering faith, beat the odds to change their life. Release the Debt features inspirational stories from transformation coach, Bonita Parker who brings together 8 brave women who share their real-life experiences of how they broke free from the indebtedness of consequential choices, fear-based decisions and emotional baggage in order to shift their narrative and not allow their challenges to hold them hostage.


The lessons imparted on these pages are designed to encourage you to push through the obstacles with astounding faith.  These stories were written for you to understand that despite the challenges you face, there are lessons that you must grow through to get to the other side of your most possible best life.


We are living proof … the time is now to release and live your debt-free life.


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My Name is Mommy

With motherhood comes many sacrifices. The greatest sacrifice, most often, is to  a woman’s identity. Each mother was first a woman with dreams, goals, and  desires. MY NAME IS MOMMY is a collection of stories from mothers of all  walks of life and the personal lessons they have pulled from their experiences as  mothers and with their mothers. MY NAME IS MOMMY is the first book in a series of SexyMomsROCK  publications. Each offering exemplifies the SexyMomsROCK movement which  focuses on helping mothers reclaim their identity as a purpose-filled woman.  


Every story helps ENCOURAGE, EDUCATE, and EMPOWER.

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